Formulas / BESSELJ
Calculate the Bessel function.
  • X - The value to evaluate the function on
  • N - The order of the function


  • =BESSELJ(1.9,2)

    The BESSELJ function is used in Sourcetable to calculate the Bessel functions of the first kind. An example of using this function is above, which returns the 2nd order Bessel function evaluated at 1.9.


The BESSELJ function is used to calculate the n-th order Bessel function of a variable using the Gamma function. Note that errors occur if n is not an integer or is not a number, or if n is less than 0.

  • The BESSELJ function returns the Bessel function of specified order, determined by the N argument.
  • Errors may be thrown if either x or n is not a number, or if n is negative. In these cases, #VALUE! and #NUM! errors may be thrown respectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BESSELJ function?
The BESSELJ function finds the Bessel function of a variable. It takes two arguments – an x argument to tell the function at what value to calculate the function. And the n argument tells the function which order Bessel function it should calculate.
What errors does BESSELJ throw?
BESSELJ throws a #VALUE! error if x is not a number, and throws a #VALUE! error if n is not a number. It also throws a #NUM! error if n is less than zero.

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