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Track and Manage Assets with Fixed Asset Register

The Fixed asset register is an invaluable tool used to track long-term investments, capture detailed asset information, and provide valuable data for informed decision-making.


Fixed Asset Register = Initial Expense + Depreciation

How do I calculate the fixed asset register?

In order to calculate the fixed asset register, it is important to understand the initial expense associated with the asset. The formula to calculate the fixed asset register is Fixed Asset Register = Initial Expense + Depreciation. Using a program like Sourcetable can help organize the assets and their associated expenses, allowing the company to better understand its overall revenue.

What is a Fixed Asset Register?

A Fixed Asset Register is a list of all assets an organization owns. It includes various details of the assets and is used for asset tracking and management.

Why is a Fixed Asset Register important?

The Fixed Asset Register is crucial for accurate information and helps organizations manage their assets effectively.

Key Points

How do I calculate fixed asset register?
Fixed Asset Register = Initial Expense + Depreciation
Detailed Listing of Assets
The fixed asset register is a detailed listing of every fixed asset acquired by a business. This list includes the name of the asset, the asset class assigned to the asset, and the accumulated impairment charges.
Accounting Software
The fixed asset register is based on information in the fixed assets module of the accounting software used by a business. This software allows businesses to easily track and manage their fixed assets.
Carrying Amount
The fixed asset register also includes the current carrying amount of the asset. This is the amount that the asset is currently worth to the business and can be used to determine the value of the asset.

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