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    What is Norton Password Manager?

    Norton Password Manager is a software tool designed to help users generate, manage, and store passwords. It's a type of service that syncs passwords across various devices including computers, tablets, and phones, making password management convenient and secure. As a free password manager, it provides unlimited password storage and can be accessed through browsers and mobile devices.

    Offered by norton.com, Norton Password Manager ensures the security of passwords using zero-knowledge encryption and stores them in an encrypted online vault. With features like passwordless access and the ability to fill passwords with a single tap, it simplifies the login experience. Additionally, the manager can import passwords from other sources and make password recommendations.

    As part of its accessibility features on Android, Norton Password Manager uses the fingerprint reader to unlock the vault and employs Android's Accessibility services to fill in credentials. While it may collect location and personal information, the data is encrypted in transit and can be deleted upon user request.

    It is available as part of Norton's antivirus and security suites and offers browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. The Norton Password Manager mobile apps for Android and iOS include a built-in private web browser, enhancing users' online privacy.

    Sourcetable Integration

    Effortlessly Import Norton Password Manager Data with Sourcetable

    Opting to use Sourcetable to import your Norton Password Manager information comes with a myriad of benefits. Unlike the traditional process of exporting data to a CSV file and then importing it into a spreadsheet program, Sourcetable streamlines the entire operation. It eliminates the need for intermediate steps, syncing your live data directly from Norton Password Manager into its platform.

    Sourcetable's ability to automatically pull in data from various apps and databases, including password managers like Norton, makes it an indispensable tool for automation. This seamless integration not only saves time but also significantly reduces the potential for errors that can occur during the manual data transfer process. Furthermore, Sourcetable's intuitive spreadsheet interface allows for easy querying and manipulation of your data, enhancing your business intelligence capabilities without the steep learning curve of specialized software.

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