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    Welcome to your comprehensive guide on how to export your FTX transaction history to a CSV file. In the wake of FTX's collapse and the discontinuation of its API, the ability to download your transaction history in CSV format from the FTX website has become invaluable. Not only does it allow for seamless reporting of taxable transactions for future tax obligations, but it also facilitates the import of your transaction history into tax reporting platforms like Koinly. On this page, we'll delve into the essence of FTX, provide a step-by-step guide on exporting your transactions to a CSV file, explore the practical applications of this export, introduce Sourcetable as an alternative method for managing your FTX data, and answer frequently asked questions about the export process to ensure you're equipped with all the necessary information to manage your digital assets effectively.

    What is FTX?

    FTX is a multifaceted entity encompassing a point-of-sale software system, a service firm, and a provider of cryptocurrency market data. The FTX software system is custom-designed to cater to retail environments such as convenience stores, liquor stores, tobacco shops, and pet stores. It aims to simplify daily operations with features like a user-friendly interface, a suggested order algorithm to prevent theft, a loyalty software solution, a digital signage tool, and integration with Loyal-n-Save. The software also includes a cash back program, a loyalty rewards program, and an AI-driven ID verification system.

    FTX Services operates in a different domain as a tax preparation and investment planning firm based in Genesee County. This locally owned and operated company provides personalized financial advice, eschewing a one-size-fits-all approach and prioritizing client needs.

    Regarding data, FTX offers comprehensive cryptocurrency market information. The spot market data covers time series pricing for the physical market, where actual cryptocurrency trading occurs, and is available in CSV format for ease of processing. Additionally, FTX provides perpetual contracts data for the derivatives/futures market and historical trade prints and order books from the FTX Exchange, albeit without the latest posts' data.

    How to Export FTX to a CSV File

    Exporting Transactions

    To export your transactions from FTX to CSV, click on the "Orders" link at the top of the FTX page. Next, click on the "Trade History" link. Click on the "Filter time window" icon and select a time period that includes all your transactions. Click the "Search" button, then click the "Download CSV" icon to download the CSV file.

    Exporting Other Types of Transactions

    Repeat the process for other types of transactions including funding payments, airdrops, rebases, deposits, withdrawals, and staking rewards. For each category, navigate to the respective section on the FTX platform and follow the same steps to download the CSV file.

    Handling Large Volumes of Transactions

    If you have more than 5000 transactions, such as staking rewards, you may need to export multiple CSV files. Remember, FTX allows exporting a maximum of 5000 transactions in each CSV file. Ensure that you adjust the time filter accordingly to capture all transactions across multiple files if necessary.

    Sourcetable Integration

    Streamline Your Data Management with Sourcetable

    With Sourcetable, you can bypass the tedious step of exporting your FTX data to a CSV file and then importing it into another spreadsheet program. Sourcetable elevates your data management by syncing live data directly from a multitude of apps or databases, including FTX. This seamless integration means your spreadsheet always reflects the most current information, providing you with real-time insights and decision-making capabilities.

    Utilize Sourcetable's powerful automation features to effortlessly aggregate your data across various sources. Its user-friendly spreadsheet interface allows you to query and analyze your data without the need for complex database knowledge. Sourcetable is not just a tool for data synchronization; it's a robust platform for enhancing your business intelligence without the extra steps and potential errors associated with traditional CSV exports and imports.


    In summary, to successfully import your FTX transactions into Coinpanda, you must export them to CSV files since the FTX API is no longer available. Coinpanda fully supports all transaction types from both FTX International and FTX US. Ensure to download CSV files for each specific type of transaction such as trades, deposits, withdrawals, staking rewards, and for each subaccount, keeping in mind the 5000 transaction limit per CSV. It's crucial to perform these exports promptly and upload them to Coinpanda to maintain accurate tax reporting. Alternatively, to streamline the process and avoid manual CSV exports, you can use Sourcetable to directly import your data into a spreadsheet. Sign up for Sourcetable today to get started and simplify your data import workflow.

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