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    Understanding how to export Contacts from iCloud to a CSV file is a valuable skill in today's data-driven world, where the ability to seamlessly manage and integrate contact information across various platforms can greatly enhance personal and professional productivity. CSV files, recognized for their wide compatibility with applications like Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, and Google Sheets, offer an accessible format for reading, editing, and manipulating contact data. On this page, we'll explore the essentials of Contacts from iCloud, provide a detailed guide on exporting these contacts to a CSV file, discuss various use cases that highlight the practicality of CSV over vCard, introduce an alternative method for CSV exports using Sourcetable, and address common questions around this process to ensure you're equipped to make your contact data more useful and easily manageable when loaded into a spreadsheet.

    What is Contacts from iCloud?

    Contacts from iCloud is an address book software developed by Apple, designed to store and manage users' contact information. As part of Apple's suite of software services, it is included with the company's operating systems, namely iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS. Originally known as Address Book, Contacts offers a variety of cloud synchronization capabilities, ensuring that contact information is accessible and up to date across all compatible devices.

    This software tool integrates seamlessly with other Apple applications and features, such as iMessage, FaceTime, and iCloud, including its predecessor MobileMe. With the evolution of Apple's operating systems, Contacts on iOS and iPadOS was launched as a standalone application starting with iPhone OS 2 in 2008. iCloud Contacts represents not just a tool but a service that facilitates the creation, customization, and management of contact lists, contributing to an interconnected Apple ecosystem.

    Exporting Contacts from iCloud to a CSV File

    Using a Mac or Third-Party iOS App

    You can export all contacts from iCloud in vCard format using a Mac or a third-party iOS app. To do this on a Mac, utilize the Contacts app to export the contacts. Alternatively, select a third-party app that can process the contacts locally on your device to create a vCard file.

    Converting vCard to CSV

    Once you have the vCard file, use an online service to convert it to a .csv format. There are several online converter services that can handle the conversion of vCard files to .csv. However, be aware that these services process personal data, which may cause hesitation for some users due to privacy concerns.

    Exporting from iCloud.com

    iCloud Contacts can also be exported directly from iCloud.com. After exporting the contacts as a vCard, you will still need to convert the file to .csv using an online converter service.

    Sourcetable Integration

    Seamlessly Import Contacts from iCloud with Sourcetable

    Choosing Sourcetable to import your iCloud contacts directly into a spreadsheet offers a streamlined and efficient alternative to the traditional method of exporting to a CSV file before importing to another spreadsheet program. With Sourcetable, you can bypass the cumbersome steps of manual data export and format adjustments. This innovative platform empowers you to sync your live data from a wide array of apps or databases—including iCloud—ensuring that your contact list is always up-to-date and easily accessible within a familiar spreadsheet environment.

    Sourcetable's automated data pulling capability eliminates the risk of human error associated with manual data transfer, providing you with a reliable and accurate dataset. Moreover, Sourcetable is designed for both automation and business intelligence. It not only simplifies the data import process but also enhances your ability to analyze your contacts, uncover insights, and make data-driven decisions without ever leaving the spreadsheet interface. Embrace the advantages of Sourcetable for a more intelligent and automated approach to managing your iCloud contacts.

    Common Use Cases

    • C
      Sourcetable Integration
      Use case 1: Importing contacts into Google Contacts for users switching from an iPhone to an Android device
    • C
      Sourcetable Integration
      Use case 2: Backing up iCloud contacts in a universally readable format like CSV
    • C
      Sourcetable Integration
      Use case 3: Migrating contact information to CRM platforms that require CSV import
    • C
      Sourcetable Integration
      Use case 4: Using contact information for mail merge in marketing campaigns
    • C
      Sourcetable Integration
      Use case 5: Uploading contact lists to email marketing services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I export contacts directly from iCloud to CSV format?

    No, iCloud only exports contacts to vCard. To get them in CSV format, you will need to use an online converter, Google Contacts, or Numbers.

    How can I convert my iCloud contacts to a CSV file?

    You can export your iCloud contacts to a vCard first and then use an online tool like Aconvert, import them into Google Contacts and export as CSV, or use Numbers to create a CSV file from the vCard.

    Will my private fields be included when I export my iCloud contacts using Numbers?

    If you have contact notes and photos or made your card private, those fields you opted not to share will be included when you export your card using Numbers.

    Is it possible to export iCloud contacts to an Android device?

    Yes, you can use MobileTrans to export iCloud contacts directly to an Android device.

    What is the easiest way to share my iCloud contacts?

    The easiest way to share iCloud contacts is with a vCard, which can be exported using icloud.com or the Contacts app.


    Exporting contacts from iCloud to CSV is a multi-step process that begins by exporting your contacts in vCard format using either a Mac, the Contacts app, or a third-party iOS app. Once you have your vCards, an online conversion tool can be used to convert these files into a .csv format, which can then be uploaded to your desired device. While Apple does not provide a direct way to export contacts to CSV, this method offers a suitable workaround. Alternatively, bypass the hassle of conversion and use Sourcetable to import your data directly into a spreadsheet. Sign up for Sourcetable to streamline your contact management and get started on a more efficient way to handle your data.

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