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    Welcome to our comprehensive guide on exporting contacts from Facebook to a CSV file—a valuable resource for businesses aiming to enhance brand promotion, audience growth, and customer engagement. By converting your Facebook contacts into a CSV format and loading them into a spreadsheet, you unlock the potential for advanced data analysis, historical data retention, and the application of machine learning models to better understand your audience. In this guide, we will explore what constitutes contacts from Facebook, provide a detailed walkthrough on exporting these contacts to a CSV file, discuss the various use cases for such exports, introduce Sourcetable as an alternative to traditional CSV exports, and answer common questions about the process. Whether you're looking to consolidate your data or leverage powerful visualization tools, you'll find the insights you need right here.

    What Are Contacts From Facebook?

    Contacts from Facebook refers to a service that allows Facebook to automatically upload contacts from your device, such as a phone or tablet. This feature is designed to help users connect with their friends and acquaintances on the social network by synchronizing their device's contact list with their Facebook account. It is only available on specific applications, including the Android, iPhone, iPad, or Facebook Lite apps.

    When the contact uploading feature is enabled, Facebook will automatically upload contacts to your account whenever you log in. This process facilitates the easy management of your social connections on the platform. Contacts can be managed on the Manage Invites and Imported Contacts page, where users have the option to upload new contacts or delete previously uploaded ones.

    It is important to note that the continuous contact uploading feature can be turned on or off in the Facebook app. Additionally, the uploading of contacts can also be managed within the Messenger app. However, turning off contact uploading in the Facebook app does not automatically disable it in Messenger, and vice versa. Each device with the Facebook app installed requires individual management to turn off contact uploading.

    Exporting Contacts from Facebook to a CSV File

    Exporting Contacts via Facebook Settings

    To export contacts from your Facebook account to a CSV file, first log into your personal Facebook page. Navigate to "Settings & Privacy" and then select "Settings". From the menu on the left, click on "Privacy" and then choose "Your Facebook Information". Proceed by selecting "Download Profile Information" and define the date range for the information you want to export. Ensure that you select the "Friends and Followers" box and then click "Create File". Once the file is ready, open it. If there are not too many email addresses, you can copy and paste the contact name and email address directly into an Excel file. However, if there are many contacts with public email addresses, perform a text-only paste into Excel and manually locate the contacts with email addresses. Finally, save your Excel file as a CSV.

    Extracting Contacts Using a Facebook Archive

    Another method to save your Facebook contacts as a CSV file involves requesting an archive of your account. After going to "Settings & Privacy", click "Settings" and select "Privacy". Continue to "Your Facebook Information" and choose "Download Profile Information". Select the relevant date range, check the "Friends and Followers" box, and click "Create File". Once the file has been created and opened, you may need to clean up the information. Specifically, if the archive contains a contact_info.htm file, you will have to clean it up as it cannot be easily imported into other applications. After cleaning, copy and paste the necessary contact information into an Excel file, then save it as a CSV.

    Sourcetable Integration

    Streamline Your Contact Management with Sourcetable

    Forget the tedious process of exporting your Facebook contacts to a CSV file and then importing them to a spreadsheet program. With Sourcetable, you can directly and effortlessly import your contacts from Facebook into a dynamic spreadsheet. Sourcetable specializes in syncing your live data from a variety of apps and databases, including social media platforms like Facebook.

    By choosing Sourcetable, you benefit from its capacity for automation and business intelligence. It simplifies your workflow by automatically pulling in data from multiple sources. Plus, you can query and analyze your Facebook contacts using Sourcetable's familiar and intuitive spreadsheet interface, without the hassle of dealing with static CSV files. Embrace the efficiency and ease of Sourcetable for your contact management needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible to export contacts from Facebook to a CSV file?

    Yes, it is possible to export contacts from Facebook.

    What are the initial steps to export Facebook contacts to a CSV file?

    Log in to your Facebook account, select 'Settings & Privacy' then 'Settings', click 'Privacy', and go to 'Your Facebook Information'.

    How do you select which contacts to export from Facebook?

    In the 'Download Profile Information' section, select the date range for the information and check the 'Friends and Followers' box.

    What should you do if your Facebook contacts list is too large to copy and paste manually?

    If there are lots of contacts with public email addresses, copy all contacts and do a text only paste into Excel.

    How can I save the contacts from Facebook as a CSV file?

    After copying the contacts into an Excel file, save the file as a CSV.


    Exporting your Facebook contacts to a CSV file involves a few straightforward steps, starting with accessing the "Settings & Privacy" section of your Facebook account. By navigating through the settings to the "Your Facebook Information" area, you can download profile information, including friends and followers with their public email addresses. Although the process is manageable for smaller lists, it can become tedious for larger contact lists, and additional applications might be needed to export more comprehensive data such as birthdays. Instead of exporting to CSV, consider using Sourcetable to import data directly into a spreadsheet with greater ease. Sign up for Sourcetable to simplify the process and get started with organizing your contacts efficiently.

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