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    Welcome to the comprehensive guide on exporting Civil Tables to CSV. Civil Tables in Civil3D are essential for organizing complex data, but they are not standard CAD tables and converting them into a CSV format unlocks their potential, making the data more accessible and usable for various applications. Here, we will explore what Civil Tables are, the seamless process of exporting them to a CSV file using C3DTools, and the wide array of use cases this method facilitates. Additionally, we will discuss an alternative to CSV exports by introducing Sourcetable, a tool that expands your data manipulation capabilities. This page also includes a Q&A section to help clarify any queries related to exporting Civil Tables to CSV, ensuring you have all the knowledge at your fingertips for efficient data management and analysis when loading the exported CSV into a spreadsheet.

    What is Civil Table?

    Civil Table is a plugin designed for Autodesk® Civil 3D® that enhances its functionality by allowing users to export table objects to various targets. It is recognized for its compatibility with multiple versions of Autodesk® Civil 3D®, including the years 2019 to 2024. Civil Table Tools is notable for its ability to preserve multiple line cells and ensuring that exported data is transferred without errors. The plugin's export targets are diverse, encompassing Excel, Browser, Clipboard, Mtext File, List, Table, and Word formats.

    As a service, Civil Table is offered free of charge and is the product of DotSoft LLC's development efforts. It is designed to cater to English-speaking users and has been updated as recently as 7/11/2023. However, it imposes a specific limitation wherein the first column of the table cannot contain swatches.

    In terms of data, Civil Table interacts with Civil 3D’s Link Data tool, which allows for the creation of tables tied to markers such as notes and lists. This tool can be accessed through the Annotate Ribbon and Table panel and is available in both raw AutoCAD and AutoCAD Civil 3D. For the creation of Link Data tables, a basic AutoCAD table style is required, as well as Multileader Styles or blocks with attributes. These elements are essential as they enable users to customize the appearance of their tables to meet specific project needs.

    Exporting Civil Table to CSV File

    Exporting with C3DTools

    To export the contents of a civil table to a CSV file, you can utilize C3DTools, which is an add-on for Civil3D. Ensure that C3DTools is installed and activated within Civil3D. Once you have confirmed that the add-on is properly set up, you can proceed with the export function provided by the tool to save your Civil Table as a CSV file.

    Converting to CAD Table First

    Although the CivilTableTools add-on does not directly export to CSV format, it does offer the ability to convert Civil Tables to plain CAD tables. After converting the Civil Table to a CAD table, you can then use the native export functions in Civil3D or another compatible tool to save the CAD table as a CSV file.

    Using Third-Party Conversion Tools

    If direct export to CSV is not available within the CivilTableTools add-on or C3DTools, you can export the Civil Table to an HTM or XML file first. Subsequently, use a third-party conversion tool to convert the HTM or XML file into a CSV file. This method involves an additional conversion step but ultimately achieves the goal of obtaining a CSV file from a Civil Table.

    Sourcetable Integration

    Streamline Your Workflow with Sourcetable

    Discover the seamless efficiency of managing your Civil Table data directly within Sourcetable. By choosing Sourcetable over the traditional method of exporting to CSV, you tap into the power of live data synchronization from a multitude of apps and databases. This means your information is always current, eliminating the need for repetitive manual exports.

    Sourcetable's user-friendly spreadsheet interface offers you the comfort of the familiar while providing robust automation and advanced business intelligence features. You can effortlessly combine data from various sources, creating a centralized hub for all your analytical needs without the extra steps of exporting and importing between different programs. Enhance your data management experience with Sourcetable's streamlined solution.

    Common Use Cases

    • C
      Sourcetable Integration
      A user needs to export a Civil Table to a CSV file for use in other applications
    • C
      Sourcetable Integration
      A user requires the Civil Table data in Excel for further analysis
    • C
      Sourcetable Integration
      A user wants to save the Civil Table data in a CSV format to ensure compatibility with their default browser
    • C
      Sourcetable Integration
      A user requires the exported Civil Table in CSV to maintain the date format as displayed
    • C
      Sourcetable Integration
      A user prefers to export the Civil Table to a CSV file for easy data manipulation and storage

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I download the application for exporting tables from AutoCAD Civil 3D to CSV format?

    The Civil Table Export application and the C3DTools add-on can be downloaded for free from the Autodesk App Store or as a ZIP file for the C3DTools add-on.

    What are the steps to export a point to CSV using the Civil Table Export application?

    Right-click on DG in the Prospector, click on 'Export points', choose a folder to export the text file, select the PNEZD CSV file format, and then choose a different folder to save the file if desired.

    What formats does the C3DTools add-on support when using the 'Save' output option?

    The 'Save' output option in the C3DTools add-on supports CSV, HTM, and XML formats.

    Can I process the exported CSV table in other applications?

    Yes, the CSV file exported using the Civil Table Export application can be used for field stakeout, importing into another drawing, survey equipment, or processed in Excel.

    Does the C3DTools add-on provide a direct way to open CSV tables in Excel?

    While the C3DTools add-on itself doesn't directly open CSV tables in Excel, the Civil Table Export application can open the exported CSV table in Excel for further processing.


    While Civil 3D is a powerful tool for civil engineering design and documentation, it lacks a native feature to export Civil Tables directly to CSV format, which is essential for further data manipulation in programs such as Excel. Fortunately, add-ons such as C3DTools and CivilTableTools available on the Autodesk App Store bridge this gap by providing simple and efficient export capabilities to CSV with ease, supporting various Civil3D versions. These add-ons ensure that even complex tables like volume, point, and alignment tables can be exported and utilized effectively. Rather than exporting to CSV, consider using Sourcetable to import data directly into a spreadsheet, streamlining your workflow even further. Sign up for Sourcetable today and get started on simplifying your data management tasks.

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