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    What is Calendar?

    Calendar as a software tool refers to applications designed to organize and manage time-related data such as appointments, tasks, and events. Examples include Google Calendar, which is a popular online calendar tool, and Hive, which includes a calendar feature within its project management suite. Additional tools like Doodle facilitate scheduling meetings, especially with large groups, and synchronize with various calendar services. Other specialized calendar software tools include Clockwise for optimizing meeting times, Calendly and Appointy for scheduling without the need for back-and-forth communication, and Fantastical, which is known for its user-friendly interface and automatic filtering.

    As a type of service, Calendar refers to functionalities provided by platforms such as Google's Calendar service, which enable scripts through Google Apps Script to access and manipulate a user's Google Calendar. This service includes a wide range of methods for creating, modifying, and managing calendars and events, determining calendar properties, subscribing to or unsubscribing from calendars, and setting various attributes like color, time zones, and visibility.

    Regarding Calendar data, this encompasses the specific information related to dates and times, such as the fact that the year 2024 is a leap year with 366 days, following the Gregorian calendar system. It also includes data such as moon phases, which are calculated based on the local time in a specific location, like New York in this instance.

    How to Export Calendar to a CSV File

    Using Outlook's Built-In Feature

    To export the Calendar to CSV, go to the File Menu in Outlook. Choose Open & Export from the File Menu and then select the Import / Export Wizard. Within the Wizard, choose "Export to a file" and then select Comma Separated Values (csv file) to choose the format for exporting events. Map custom fields as needed during the export process.

    Using Timewatch

    Timewatch provides a more efficient method for exporting calendar data. This service allows for centralized visibility, management, and analytics of Outlook calendars. To use Timewatch for exporting, follow their proprietary process which also allows for exporting multiple calendars simultaneously and integrates with timesheets and analytics tools.

    Using Whitespeace

    Whitespeace offers a solution for exporting calendar data to Excel and allows for syncing with Outlook. It manages schedules, resources, and employees, and can create reports and dashboards from the exported calendar data. Whitespeace also provides a feature to enhance the Group Calendar experience within Outlook. Follow Whitespeace's guide to export calendar data effectively.

    Sourcetable Integration

    Seamlessly Import Your Calendar with Sourcetable

    With Sourcetable, you can directly sync your live calendar data into a dynamic spreadsheet without the extra steps of exporting to a CSV file. This platform streamlines the process of importing data from various applications and databases, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. By eliminating the need to manually export and import calendar entries, you save valuable time and reduce the risk of errors that could come with handling data across different formats.

    Moreover, Sourcetable's powerful automation capabilities allow you to integrate your calendar with other datasets for enhanced business intelligence. Its user-friendly spreadsheet interface provides the familiarity you need with the advanced query functionalities of a robust database system. Choose Sourcetable for a more efficient and accurate way to manage your calendar data, leading to better decision-making and productivity.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I export multiple calendars at once from Google Calendar to a CSV file?

    No, Google Calendar only allows exporting of calendars listed under 'My calendars' individually, and these are downloaded as ZIP files containing individual ICS files.

    Why am I getting a 'Feed processing error' when trying to export my Google Calendar?

    You may get a 'Feed processing error' if you use the 'Public address in iCal format' link. To avoid this error, use the 'Secret address in iCal format' link.

    How do I export a calendar from Outlook to a CSV file?

    In Outlook, click File > Open & Export, choose the 'Import/Export' option, select 'Export to a file', then choose 'Comma Separated Values' and follow the prompts to export your calendar.

    Can I export a calendar from an organizational Google Calendar account?

    You may not be able to export events from a Google Calendar account provided by work, school, or other organizations due to certain restrictions.

    Can I choose a specific date range when exporting my calendar to CSV in Outlook?

    Yes, when using the Import/Export Wizard in Outlook, you can choose a specific date range for the calendar data you want to export to a CSV file.


    Exporting your calendar to a CSV file can greatly simplify the management and analysis of your event data. Whether you're exporting individual calendars from Google Calendar with proper permissions or using Outlook's Import/Export Wizard, the process is straightforward. Convert your ICS files to CSV files with ease using tools like TimeTackle or Excel, and make your calendar data more accessible and versatile. However, if you're looking for an even more seamless integration of calendar data into your workflows, consider using Sourcetable. With Sourcetable, you can import data directly into a spreadsheet, bypassing the need for CSV exports. Sign up for Sourcetable today and start managing your calendar data more efficiently.

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