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    Welcome to our comprehensive guide on exporting Airtable to CSV, a valuable process for those needing to access and manipulate their cloud-based data offline or integrate it into other applications. Airtable, while an excellent platform for database and spreadsheet creation, does not support offline data access; however, by exporting your data to CSV, you can not only work with your data offline but also back it up securely. This landing page will delve into what Airtable is, provide a step-by-step tutorial on exporting your data to a CSV file, explore various use cases for such exports, introduce Sourcetable as an alternative to CSV exports, and answer frequently asked questions about the process. Whether you're looking to visualize your data in a spreadsheet, create a more efficient workflow, or ensure that your valuable information is backed up, our guide has you covered.

    What is Airtable?

    Airtable is a software tool designed to function as a platform for building custom applications. It enables users to create applications tailored to their specific needs without the requirement of writing any code. As a unique platform, Airtable connects every aspect of a user's work, allowing for a more integrated and dynamic workflow.

    In addition to its app-building capabilities, Airtable incorporates AI components that provide dynamic AI functionality, enhancing the overall user experience and capabilities of the applications built on its platform. Moreover, Airtable's integrations connect vital business processes, empowering users to create more robust and powerful applications.

    Airtable is also known for its versatile data management features. The data within Airtable is organized into fields, with each field type specifying the kind or format of the data it stores. These types range from long text, dates, multiple selects, and attachments to checkboxes, numbers, and user tags. Furthermore, Airtable offers an array of services including build services, advisory services, and partner services, with partners that specialize across various industries and functions. The platform is widely adopted, with over 450,000 organizations utilizing Airtable for team collaboration and custom application development.

    Exporting Airtable to a CSV File

    Manual Export from Airtable

    To export a table from Airtable as a CSV, start by clicking on the view name. From the dropdown menu, select the 'Download CSV' option. This will initiate the download of a CSV file containing your table data. This method is particularly useful for backup purposes, as well as for manipulating and visualizing your data in spreadsheet applications like Excel and Google Sheets, which offer more robust features for these tasks.

    Using for Automated Exports

    If you need to automate the export process, consider using This service can schedule regular exports of your Airtable data to various platforms such as Google Sheets, Excel, BigQuery, Looker Studio, or Power BI. Automating exports with is beneficial for regular and systematic data backups and for advanced data visualization and manipulation using the capabilities of spreadsheet applications and data analysis tools.

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    Sourcetable Integration

    Seamlessly Integrate Airtable with Sourcetable

    Discover the power of real-time data synchronization with Sourcetable, an innovative tool that effortlessly connects your Airtable bases to a dynamic spreadsheet environment. By choosing Sourcetable over the traditional method of exporting to CSV, you gain the advantage of live data syncing from Airtable. This means any updates in your Airtable base are automatically reflected in your Sourcetable spreadsheet, ensuring you always work with the most current information.

    Sourcetable simplifies your workflow by allowing you to aggregate data from multiple sources into one convenient location. With its ability to pull in data not just from Airtable but from a variety of apps and databases, Sourcetable is an exceptional solution for automation and enhancing business intelligence. Its user-friendly spreadsheet interface makes querying and data analysis more efficient, eliminating the need for manual data entry and the errors that come with it. Embrace the ease and accuracy of Sourcetable for a smarter, more connected data management experience.

    Common Use Cases

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      Sourcetable Integration
      Use Airtable data offline
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      Sourcetable Integration
      Back up Airtable data
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      Sourcetable Integration
      Visualize Airtable data
    • Airtable logo
      Sourcetable Integration
      Manipulate Airtable data
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      Sourcetable Integration
      Connect Airtable data to visualization tools

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I export data from Airtable to CSV?

    The simplest way to export data from Airtable is by downloading a CSV file of the table or view you want to export. You can only export one table/view at a time.

    What happens to relational links when I export to CSV?

    Relational links are exported as an array of labels, where each label represents the primary field of the linked record.

    Can exporting a CSV from Airtable cause issues when importing into Excel?

    Yes, comma-separated values in an Airtable cell can cause problems when importing the CSV into Excel. However, quotes are placed around a cell's contents in the CSV if the cell contains a comma, and using Power Query in Excel can help import the CSV correctly.

    Are there any tools available to create a static URL for a CSV export from an Airtable view?

    Yes, Airtable has a tool that allows you to create a static URL of a CSV file from an Airtable view.

    Is it possible to automate the export of Airtable data to CSV?

    You can use Airtable automations to export data to CSV; however, it can be time-consuming, hard to maintain, and may cause disruptions to your work processes.


    As a cloud-based platform, Airtable offers a unique combination of database and spreadsheet functionalities, but it requires an online connection to access your data. While platforms like Excel and Google Sheets might provide more robust options for data visualization and manipulation, exporting your Airtable views to a CSV is straightforward and can be done with ease. For those seeking to automate the export process, Airtable's own automations, as well as Bardeen's, can be utilized, with the latter also allowing the creation of daily Google Sheets automations. However, for an even more seamless integration of your Airtable data into a spreadsheet, consider using Sourcetable. It enables the direct import of data into a spreadsheet, bypassing the need for CSV exports. Sign up for Sourcetable today to streamline your data management and enhance your productivity.

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