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Sourcetable is a spreadsheet-based data platform that syncs your data.
Connect Postgres, MySQL, Stripe, Hubspot, and more.

Spreadsheet Integrations - Sourcetable
The Data Platform
in a Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet formulas

Query Data

Query databases with no-code. Access over 500 spreadsheet functions at your fingertips, with the shortcuts you already know.

Spreadsheet Functions


Charts & Graphs

Create live dashboards to capture insights, drive business value and align your team behind the metrics that matter.

cohort analysis example


Data. Stays. Synced.

Data updates frequently and automatically. Sourcetable is a great business intelligence solution for small team. Use Sourcetable to create unified view of the business.

unified view of the business


Group by Time, Count, Sum, Avg, and more...

Analyze your data across multiple databases and platforms using aggregate functions.

Need to quickly analyze customer spend to adjust inventory or marketing campaigns? No problem.

Spreadsheet Functions

Unified data

Single Source of Truth

Sync sales, product, advertising, and marketing data all in the same place. Everyone in the organization knows where to find the data they need.

Spreadsheet Functions

Anyone can play


Select, filter, sort and join data. Sourcetable's user-friendly GUI makes data accessible to everyone on your team, not just those who can code.



Create Templates

Sync sales, product and advertising data all in same place. Build updating reports to create insights and drive business value.

template example
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Browse all integrations

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