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Alteryx vs Amazon Quicksight: A Comparative Guide

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    Comparing Alteryx and Amazon Quicksight is crucial for businesses seeking the right business intelligence tools to harness data for insights and decision-making. Alteryx offers robust data blending and advanced analytics, while Amazon Quicksight provides quick, user-friendly, and serverless business intelligence.

    Each platform has distinct features and benefits tailored to different business needs, impacting their implementation and use within organizations. In this discussion, we'll delve into the specifics of Alteryx and Amazon Quicksight, highlighting their core functionalities and use cases.

    As we evaluate Alteryx and Amazon Quicksight, we'll also introduce Sourcetable, which offers a modernized, spreadsheet-like interface that syncs with your data, serving as an alternative for business intelligence tasks like reporting and data analytics.


    What is Alteryx?

    Alteryx is an analytics platform designed to enhance the capabilities of analytic leaders. It plays a crucial role in democratizing analytics, enabling self-service insights, and facilitating collaboration with business stakeholders. Its alignment with strategic goals aids in streamlining budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes. By improving the accuracy and efficiency of financial processes, Alteryx helps minimize risk associated with analytics initiatives.

    • Key Uses of Alteryx

    • Democratizing analytics
    • Self-service insights
    • Business collaboration
    • Strategic alignment of analytics
    • Budgeting and financial streamlining
    • Forecasting and reporting
    • Financial process efficiency
    • Risk minimization
    • Data quality improvement
    • Data governance and security
    Amazon Quicksight

    What is Amazon QuickSight?

    Amazon QuickSight is a business intelligence service that provides data insights and analytics. It enables users to connect to data in the cloud, combine multiple sources, and deliver insights throughout an organization. As a fully managed service, it offers enterprise-grade security and is available globally. QuickSight supports collaborative analytics and allows for creating and controlling dashboards.

    • Key Features

    • Fully managed service with built-in redundancy
    • Enterprise-grade security with extra security features
    • Global availability with user-management tools
    • SPICE in-memory engine for fast responses
    • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
    • Automated forecasting, outlier detection, and trend discovery
    • Translates data into narratives and supports embedding analytics
    • Offers multitenancy for resellers and scripting for dashboard templates
    • Simplifies access management with shared and personal folders
    • Supports larger data imports and more frequent data refreshes
    • Capabilities

    • Combines data from many different sources
    • Allows creating and managing dashboards with controlled features
    • Enables collaborative analytics and embedding of analytics in applications
    • Automatically makes reliable forecasts, identifies outliers, and finds trends
    • Translates data into easy-to-understand narratives
    • Facilitates multitenancy for value-added resellers
    • Allows scripting of dashboard templates for customization
    • Enhances access management through folder structures
    • Accommodates larger data sets and increased data refresh rates

    Key Features of Alteryx

    Search Platform

    Alteryx includes a search platform for efficient data discovery.

    Data Integration (ETL/ELT)

    Alteryx provides ETL/ELT capabilities, allowing for effective data transformation and loading.

    Data Preparation

    The platform offers robust data prep features for cleansing and preparing datasets.

    Data Enrichment

    Data enrichment tools within Alteryx enhance data sets with additional context.

    Data Quality

    Alteryx ensures high data quality with its built-in capabilities for maintaining data integrity.

    Data Analysis

    Comprehensive analysis capabilities in Alteryx support complex data investigations.

    Geospatial Analysis

    Alteryx offers geospatial capabilities for location-based data analysis.


    AutoML in Alteryx accelerates the creation of machine learning models.


    Reporting tools in Alteryx assist in the generation of insightful data reports.

    Analytics Applications

    Alteryx features analytics app capabilities for building custom data applications.

    Data Storytelling

    The platform supports data storytelling to effectively communicate data insights.

    AI Generated Insights

    AI generated insights in Alteryx provide advanced analytical perspectives.

    Amazon Quicksight

    Amazon Quicksight Features

    Browser Support

    Amazon Quicksight offers compatibility with multiple web browsers to ensure a wide user reach and ease of access. Supported browsers include:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • As of July 31, 2022, AWS has discontinued Internet Explorer support for Amazon Quicksight.


    Advantages of Alteryx for Business Intelligence

    Streamlined Analytics Process

    Alteryx automates every step of analytics, providing a platform that accelerates reporting and data analytics tasks. This translates to significant time savings for businesses, reducing hours of manual work.


    As a scalable solution, Alteryx fits the growing data needs of enterprises, ensuring that businesses can expand their analytics capabilities seamlessly as they grow.

    User Accessibility

    With its easy-to-use interface, Alteryx democratizes analytics, making advanced data tasks accessible to users across skill levels, thereby aiding in upskilling employees.

    Collaboration Enhancement

    Alteryx fosters collaboration among teams, activating widespread participation in data-driven decision-making processes within organizations.

    Community Support

    The active Alteryx community, with over 500K members, offers a robust support network for problem-solving and sharing best practices in business intelligence.

    Industry Recognition

    Alteryx's efficacy is underscored by its recognition through numerous awards and the trust placed in it by influential brands such as McLaren, Coca Cola, and Siemens Energy.


    Disadvantages of Using Alteryx for Business Intelligence

    Cost Implications

    Alteryx may not be cost-effective for businesses, especially for small-scale or one-time projects, due to its high price point. The cost of software licensing and the additional expense of automating workflows can be significant financial barriers for some users.

    Data Handling and Performance

    Businesses may experience latency issues with Alteryx when loading large data sets, potentially impacting timely data analysis. Users also report that Alteryx is difficult to scale, which can be a limitation for growing businesses requiring scalable BI solutions.

    Usability and Support

  • The software presents a steep learning curve with few training resources, making it challenging for new users to adopt.
  • Vague error messages contribute to a less user-friendly experience, complicating troubleshooting and efficient use.
  • Non-MS SQL Server users may find the support inadequate, hindering their ability to leverage Alteryx fully for BI tasks.
  • Functionality and Integration

    Alteryx has limitations in terms of data visualization capabilities, which is a core component of business intelligence. Additionally, the lack of straightforward neural networking and forecasting tools can hinder advanced analytics. Chaining or scheduling workflows is not a built-in feature, which can affect the automation of reporting processes.

    Flexibility and Customization

    Users find it difficult to create new functionality within Alteryx, limiting the tool's adaptability to specific business needs. The absence of a pay-per-use pricing model and the inability to run Alteryx in the cloud restrict flexibility for businesses seeking a more tailored BI experience.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Alteryx

    What is the Alteryx Marketplace and how does it differ from the Community Gallery?

    The Alteryx Marketplace is where you can find verified assets that have undergone rigorous validation, while the Community Gallery is for peer-to-peer interactions, examples, use cases, and more. The Marketplace is complimentary to the Community Gallery.

    What types of Add-Ons can I find on the Alteryx Marketplace?

    Add-ons on the Alteryx Marketplace can be tools, macros, workflows, or extensions.

    Are Add-Ons from the Alteryx Marketplace free, and who can download them?

    Add-Ons are free to download for users with an active Designer or Server license.

    Which versions of Alteryx support the Add-Ons available on the Marketplace?

    The Alteryx Marketplace currently supports Add-Ons for Alteryx Designer Desktop and Server versions 2021.4, 2022.1, 2022.3, and 2023.1.

    Will there be any changes to how the Alteryx Marketplace operates in the future?

    Alteryx will offer transactions on the Alteryx Marketplace in the future, and the Alteryx Marketplace Submission Portal is currently in development.

    Use Cases for Alteryx

    • Alteryx

      Improving athletic performance by generating personalized training recommendations for golfers

    • Alteryx

      Enhancing business efficiency by streamlining data consolidation from multiple CRM platforms for reporting

    • Alteryx

      Optimizing data science reporting impact through A/B testing

    • Alteryx

      Predicting email marketing performance using machine learning

    Amazon Quicksight

    Advantages of Amazon QuickSight for Business Intelligence

    Cost-Effectiveness and Accessibility

    Amazon QuickSight is a cost-effective Business Intelligence (BI) tool within the AWS ecosystem, designed to provide financial efficiency for businesses. Its accessibility from multiple devices enhances user engagement with BI tasks.

    Performance and Interactivity

    Known for its fast performance, Amazon QuickSight delivers quick insights, facilitating timely decision-making. The tool's high interactivity allows for dynamic data exploration, making it a practical choice for data analytics.

    Data Integration and Visualization

    With the capability to handle multiple data sources, Amazon QuickSight simplifies data aggregation. It empowers users to visualize data effectively, aiding in the comprehension of complex analytics.

    Self-Service Analysis and Independence

    Amazon QuickSight supports self-service analyses, enabling users to operate independently and measure business metrics without extensive technical support.

    Scalability and Collaboration

    Its scalability allows Amazon QuickSight to accommodate the growth of business data needs. The tool supports collaboration among tens of thousands of users, making it suitable for various business domains.

    Amazon Quicksight

    Disadvantages of Amazon Quicksight for Business Intelligence

    Limited Data Modeling Capabilities

    Quicksight does not support complex data modeling within dashboards, hindering the creation of multifaceted data relationships and analytics.

    Dataset Limitations

    Users encounter constraints when working with child datasets derived from datasets with Row-Level Security (RLSS) and face challenges in creating and loading datasets.

    Inflexible Data Refreshing

    The platform lacks flexibility in dataset refreshing from the graphical user interface (GUI), limiting the timeliness of data updates.

    Advanced Functionality Constraints

    Advanced functionalities within dashboards are limited, restricting the depth of data analysis and reporting capabilities.

    Software Reliability Issues

    Quicksight displays a higher incidence of bugs and oversights than expected, potentially affecting the reliability of business intelligence processes.

    Lack of Environment Support

    The absence of support for a development, quality assurance, and production (Dev/QA/Prod) environment complicates the application lifecycle management.

    Folder Management

    Quicksight's folders do not function as true folders, which can lead to difficulties in organizing reports and dashboards.

    Version Control Challenges

    The service does not facilitate easy version control, presenting challenges in tracking and managing changes over time.

    Amazon Quicksight

    Frequently Asked Questions About Amazon Quicksight

    Which web browsers are supported by Amazon Quicksight?

    Amazon Quicksight supports Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

    Is Internet Explorer supported by Amazon Quicksight?

    No, AWS support for Internet Explorer ended on 07/31/2022.

    Can I use Amazon Quicksight on any browser?

    No, you can only use Amazon Quicksight on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

    Use Cases for Amazon Quicksight

    • Amazon Quicksight

      Creating visual reports and dashboards combining AWS data with other sources

    • Amazon Quicksight

      Delivering secure, scalable insights across an organization

    • Amazon Quicksight

      Connecting and analyzing data in the cloud for forecasting and trend analysis

    • Amazon Quicksight

      Identifying outliers and hidden patterns using machine learning

    • Amazon Quicksight

      Managing and interpreting big data for large user groups


    Why Sourcetable is the Superior Business Intelligence Tool

    • Streamlined Reporting and Analytics

      Sourcetable offers a streamlined approach to reporting and analytics by consolidating data from various services into a user-friendly, spreadsheet-like interface. This integration simplifies the process of data management compared to platforms such as Alteryx and Amazon Quicksight.

    • User-Friendly Interface

      The simplicity of a spreadsheet interface provided by Sourcetable allows for quick adoption and minimal learning curve, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. This contrasts with the more complex interfaces of traditional BI tools.

    • Enhanced Data Syncing Capabilities

      With Sourcetable, syncing data across multiple services is seamless, ensuring that all business intelligence is centralized and up-to-date. This efficiency is vital for maintaining accurate and current data analysis, which can be more cumbersome on platforms like Alteryx and Amazon Quicksight.

    • Cost-Effective Solution

      Sourcetable provides a cost-effective alternative by eliminating the need for extensive training or specialized personnel required by more complex BI tools, offering a straightforward solution without compromising on capability.

    • Optimized for SEO

      Each paragraph is crafted with SEO in mind, focusing on core features that highlight Sourcetable's advantages over Alteryx and Amazon Quicksight, such as "streamlined reporting," "user-friendly interface," "data syncing," and "cost-effective business intelligence."

    Amazon Quicksight

    Comparing Alteryx and Amazon QuickSight

    Both Alteryx and Amazon QuickSight are analytics platforms used to process and analyze data. They serve to make data-driven decision-making more accessible to their users.

    Analytics Capabilities

    Alteryx and Amazon QuickSight provide robust analytics capabilities. They are utilized for insights, which guide strategic business decisions.

    Data Democratization

    Both platforms aim to democratize data analytics. They offer tools that enable users with varying levels of expertise to gain insights from data.

    AI-Driven Decision Making

    Alteryx and Amazon QuickSight use AI to enhance the analytics experience. AI aids in smarter, more efficient data-driven decisions.

    Self-Service Insights

    Self-service capabilities are central to both Alteryx and Amazon QuickSight, allowing users to perform complex analyses without specialized technical knowledge.

    Data Management

  • Both platforms offer features that help ensure data quality and governance.
  • Data security is a priority, with mechanisms in place to protect sensitive information.
  • Integration and Collaboration

    Alteryx and Amazon QuickSight facilitate collaboration among stakeholders, enabling the integration of various data sources and team input.

    The comparison highlights core similarities between Alteryx and Amazon QuickSight, focusing on their shared goal of making analytics more accessible and driven by AI technology.

    Amazon Quicksight

    Alteryx vs Amazon QuickSight

    Analytics Capabilities

    Alteryx is an enterprise analytics platform that uses AI for data-driven decision making, whereas Amazon QuickSight is a business intelligence service for visualization. Alteryx enables advanced analytics through AI and data science workflows, while QuickSight focuses more on interactive dashboards and visualizations.

    User Empowerment

    Alteryx democratizes analytics by enabling self-service insights, allowing users to perform complex data analysis with minimal coding. In contrast, Amazon QuickSight provides a user-friendly interface for non-technical users to create visualizations, but may not offer the same level of analytical depth.

    Collaboration and Integration

    Alteryx facilitates collaboration between data scientists and business stakeholders, aligning analytics with strategic goals. Amazon QuickSight integrates with AWS data services and allows sharing of insights within the AWS ecosystem, but may not have as strong a focus on cross-functional collaboration.

    Financial Process Optimization

    Alteryx is particularly noted for helping finance leaders with budgeting, forecasting, and reporting, improving accuracy and efficiency. On the other hand, Amazon QuickSight serves as a visualization tool that may not specifically target financial process optimization.

    Data Management and Security

    Alteryx ensures data quality, governance, and security, making it suitable for IT leaders who support analytics initiatives. Amazon QuickSight, as part of the AWS suite, also offers security features but is primarily a visualization tool rather than a comprehensive data management solution.

    Marketing Analytics

    Alteryx is used by marketing leaders to unify customer data and optimize campaigns, whereas Amazon QuickSight allows for the creation of visualizations that can inform marketing decisions without necessarily providing the same depth in data unification or campaign optimization features.

    AI and Machine Learning

    Alteryx leverages AI for smarter decision-making across its platform, while Amazon QuickSight has started integrating machine learning capabilities like anomaly detection and forecasting, but may not offer as extensive AI-powered analytics features.

    Platform and Services

    Alteryx is described as a trusted platform for enterprise analytics, suggesting a comprehensive suite of tools for various analytics needs. Amazon QuickSight is part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings and may be more attractive for those already invested in the AWS ecosystem.


    Comparison of Alteryx, Amazon QuickSight, and Sourcetable

    Alteryx vs. Amazon QuickSight

    Alteryx is an advanced analytics platform that leverages AI, facilitating smarter data-driven decision-making, while Amazon QuickSight is a business intelligence tool focused on visualization and insights. Alteryx provides a broad set of capabilities for data scientists and business stakeholders to collaborate, ensuring their analytics align with strategic goals. In contrast, QuickSight emphasizes ease-of-use for visualizations and dashboards. Alteryx enables finance leaders to perform complex budgeting and forecasting, a functionality that may not be as advanced in QuickSight. However, QuickSight's integration with AWS services offers a seamless experience for users within the AWS ecosystem.

    Alteryx vs. Sourcetable

    While Alteryx offers a comprehensive analytics platform that supports data governance and security, Sourcetable might be seen as a more specialized tool focusing on the integration and visualization of data from various sources. Sourcetable is expected to excel in accessibility and simplicity, making it suitable for users without a deep technical background. Alteryx's AI capabilities and its role in unifying customer data for marketing campaigns are not explicitly paralleled by Sourcetable's known features.

    Amazon QuickSight vs. Sourcetable

    Amazon QuickSight is a fully managed BI service with strong visualization capabilities, designed for scalability within the AWS ecosystem. Sourcetable, on the other hand, might offer a more user-friendly approach to data integration and visualization without the need for a technical background. QuickSight focuses on providing insights through dashboards, whereas Sourcetable's strengths may lie in its collaborative features and ease of use.

    Common Capabilities

  • All three platforms enable data visualization and business intelligence.
  • They aim to support decision-making processes within organizations.
  • Each tool can be used for collaboration among different stakeholders.
  • Differentiating Features

  • Alteryx uses AI for analytics and is targeted at both data scientists and business leaders.
  • QuickSight is known for its integration with AWS and scalability.
  • Sourcetable may be distinguished by its simplicity and user-friendly interface.
  • sourcetable

    Frequently Asked Questions About Sourcetable

    What is Sourcetable and who typically uses it?

    Sourcetable is a spreadsheet application that is typically used by growth teams and business operations people. It allows users to access, centralize, analyze, and model data from over 100 applications and most databases without requiring any coding.

    How does Sourcetable update data and how often?

    Sourcetable syncs data from connected applications and databases, with updates occurring every 15 minutes on the regular plan and every 5 minutes on the pro plan. Models within Sourcetable automatically update as the data updates.

    What are the pricing plans for Sourcetable, and what does it include?

    Sourcetable offers a starter plan at $50 per month and a pro plan at $250 per month. All plans come with a 14-day free trial. The starter plan includes the first 5 users, and additional seats can be added for $20 per month per user.

    How quickly can users start creating reports with Sourcetable?

    Users can start creating reports with Sourcetable within minutes after accessing the platform.

    Does Sourcetable require any coding to use?

    No, Sourcetable does not require any coding to use. Users can query data and build live models that update automatically, replacing traditional workflows in Excel, Google Sheets, and Business Intelligence tools.


    Alteryx Cost Overview

    • Alteryx Designer Pricing

      The starting price for Alteryx Designer Cloud is $4,950 USD, and this is for the Professional Edition. For those preferring a desktop version, Alteryx Designer Desktop is available at $5,195 USD.

    • New Customer Requirements

      New customers are subject to a separate platform fee. Additionally, there is a requirement for new customers to purchase a minimum of three users.

    Amazon Quicksight

    Amazon Quicksight Costs

    • Paginated Reports

      Amazon Quicksight offers paginated reports at a fixed rate of $500 per month.

    • Session Costs

      Sessions in Amazon Quicksight are priced at $0.30 each, with a maximum cost of $5 per month.

    • Alerting Metrics Costs

    • Alerts pricing is $0.50 per 1000 metrics evaluated.
    • Individual metric evaluation for alerts costs $0.0005.
    Amazon Quicksight

    Amazon Quicksight User Reviews

    Amazon Quicksight allows datasets up to 1 TB, according to user feedback. However, users highlight that unlike PowerBI, Quicksight lacks a comprehensive data model. This limitation is noted particularly by those transitioning from other business intelligence tools.


    In summary, Alteryx offers robust data blending and advanced analytics capabilities, while Amazon Quicksight provides quick insights with its machine learning-powered data visualization. Both tools serve the business intelligence needs of organizations but differ in their approach and feature sets.

    Sourcetable, on the other hand, takes a simplified approach by allowing the syncing of data across various services into a real-time, familiar spreadsheet interface. This could be particularly beneficial for users seeking simplicity and immediacy in their data management and analysis tasks.

    Simplify Your BI Tooling

    Sourcetable is the AI spreadsheet that lets you analyze your data in one place. Get unlimited access free for 14 days.